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Present & Productive Planner Journal

Goals without accountability systems are like cars without tires. Even the best design won’t go very far. Tired of forgetting, losing and disappointing my goals, I obsessively researched an accountability system that’s easy and simple. Three years of meticulous planning and prototyping, and the Present & Productive Planner Journal was born!

The Present & Productive Planner Journal will be released at the end of December 2020, just in time to start off January 1 with a new plan in place ; ) It’s like having a coach in your back pocket, 24/7. Hop on the list for exclusive updates and discounts!

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Accountability coaching

Accountability is the rocket fuels that propels goals into reality. One-on-one coaching is the gold-standard strategy to accelerate clarity and achievement of your goals. If you’re interested in or intrigued by coaching, ask me about a complimentary trial session to see if coaching is a good fit for you.

Lieve Buzard

strategy consultant | accountability coach

Lieve Buzard

Hi I’m Lieve (Lee-va), and I help ambitious creatives organize their lives.

As a multi-passionate creator, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to balance competing demands, follow-through on new ideas and stay ahead of an overflowing schedule.

I deeply believe that dreams are signposts meant to be honored and followed to leave your unique legacy.  My mission is to empower creatives with the tools and teachings they need to confidently to say ‘yes!’ to their dreams and bring their bright ideas to life.