Accountability. Made easy.

Present & Accounted Planner

Goals without accountability systems are like cars without tires. Even the best design won’t go very far. Tired of forgetting, losing and disappointing my goals, I obsessively researched an accountability system that’s easy and simple. Three years of meticulous planning and prototyping, and the Present & Accounted Planner was born. 

I’m thrilled to be working with suppliers to bring you this life-changing planning system. It’s like having a coach in your back pocket, 24/7. Hop on the list for exclusive previews and discounts!

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Accountability coaching

Accountability is the rocket fuels that propels goals into reality. One-on-one coaching is the gold-standard strategy to accelerate clarity and achievement of goals. Coaching sessions are 45-60 minute discussions on strategies for bringing your intentions to life. If you’re interested in or intrigued by coaching, ask me about a complimentary trial session. 

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Lieve Buzard

Hi I’m Lieve, an ivy-league educated writer, coach, and strategy consultant to global nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies. Fed-up from measuring the day by how many tasks were checked-off my to-do list, I apply professional strategic planning principles to planning my personal life. Today I coach and write about productivity, purpose and well-being.